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James Hingston = Ann(e) Rowe1

Married 8 April 1704, Plymouth St Andrew

James Hingston:

Died 23 October 1756, Holbeton

Buried 27 October 1756, Quaker burial ground Kingsbridge2

Occupation: Mercer and Lord of the manor of Holbeton3

James may have been the son of the James sennex (senior) who was buried at Holbeton 20 Jan 1713. Allen & Dymond show him as the son of James b 1652, but the evidence for this is unknown and no mother or siblings are shown. No record of his birth has been traced.

For a fuller discussion of James and his background see this page.

Ann(e) Rowe:

Alias Ann Hingston (8 April 1704)

Buried 3 September 1726, Holbeton

For details of James' second marriage, to Elizabeth Brooking, and their children, see this page.


James Hingston

Born 10 December 1704, Holbeton4

Baptised 19 December 1704, Holbeton

Buried 28 February 1705, Holbeton5

Ann Hingston = Sankey Family

Ann Hingston:

Alias Ann Sankey

Baptised 5 January 1705, Holbeton6

Died AFT 1754


Died BEF October 17547

Neither James' will nor A&D are able to offer any information about Ann's husband but she was a widow at the time of the will.

Elizabeth Hingston

Baptised 1 March 1706, Holbeton

Died December 1714, Holbeton Source Holbeton register Death not seen by AJH 4/1998

James Hingston

Born 19 February 1707, Holbeton8

Died 11 January 1709, Holbeton9death record almost certainly refers to him

William Hingston = Amy Algar10 > Family

Married 25 April 1734, Holbeton11

William Hingston:

Baptised 4 April 1709, Holbeton12

Buried 18 January 1781, Holbeton13

Although William would have stood to inherit substantially had the lines of his younger brothers Henry and John failed, William appears in his father's will mainly as a trustee. But note that by this time (1754) he was 45, married with a family, and it is likely that he had already received his portion. No will of William's own is known, and we know very little of him directly.

Amy Algar:

Alias Amy Hingston (25 April 1734)

Buried 10 October 1783, Holbeton14

James Hingston

Baptised 30 March 1710, Holbeton15

Buried 24 March 1712, Holbeton16

Burial entry identifies him as [indecipherable] of James H

Mary Hingston

Born 17 March 1711, Holbeton17

Baptised May 1711, Holbeton

Died December 1714

Joseph Hingston

Born 6 June 1712, Holbeton18

Buried 8 May 1713, Holbeton19

Andrew Hingston

Born 9 July 1713, Holbeton20

Buried 8 November 1748, Holbeton21

Alice Hingston = Samuel Hopwood > Family

Married 22

Alice Hingston:

Alias Alice Hopwood

Born 2 July 1714, Holbeton23

Baptised 31 July 1714, Holbeton

Samuel Hopwood: Died 177924

Occupation: shopkeeper of St Austell [JH's will]

Samuel is described as 'the younger' in his father-in-law's will.

Henry Hingston25 = Sarah Browne > Family

Married 173526

Henry Hingston:

Born 9 June 1718, Holbeton27

Baptised 25 June 1718, Holbeton

Buried 3 May 1791, Kingsbridge28

A Quaker by the mid-1750s, Henry inherited substantially under his father's will, getting the house and the residue of the estate.

Sarah Browne:

Alias Hingston (1735)

Died 9 December 1762, Holbeton29

Elizabeth Hingston = Joseph Veale > Family

Married 174430

Elizabeth Hingston:

Alias Elizabeth Veale (1744)

Born 3 May 1720, Holbeton31

Baptised 6 May 1720, Holbeton

Joseph Veale:

Occupation: Maltster of St Austell32

Mary Hingston

Baptised 2 April 1722, Holbeton33

Buried 1 May 1722, Holbeton34


1 : surname is shown in A&D and matches marriage register. Both spellings of her Christian name appear in the registers.

2 : from Quaker meeting records - TWH and others

3 : Described as mercer and bequeathed lordship of the manor in his will

4 : "parish register (birth and baptism given)"

5 : parish register has 28 Feb 1704/5 'James Hingston son of James Hingston [shopkeeper?] and Ann his wife'

6 : parish register

7 : wife described as a widow in her father's will

8 : parish register 19 Feb 1707/8 'James Hingston son of James and Anne born'

9 : parish register 11 Jan 1709/10 'James Hngston [undecipherable, looks like 'inner' possibly 'junior'?]

10 : In the Holbeton parsh register she appears consistently as Amy (or Amey), but A & D (and the IGI) call her Mary. Either A & D's informant had simply misremembered, or Mary is the name by which she was known in the family. It may be significant that she called one of her daughters Mary, but not Amy.

11 : parish register

12 : parish register 4 Apr 1709 'William Hingston son of James and Anne, born'

13 : parish register 18 Jan 1781 'William Hingston the elder'

14 : Parish register 10 Oct 1783 'Amy Hingston'. This is almost certainly her burial record, as the only other Amy Hingston known at Holbeton at that period was a grand-daughter who is shown in A & D as marrying and raising a family.

15 : parish register

16 : parish register

17 : parish register 20 Mar 1710/11 'Mary Hingston, daughter of James and Anne born'

18 : parish register 6 Jun 1712 'Joseph Hingston son of James and Anne, born'

19 : parish register 'Joseph Hingston son of James Hingston [?]omen'

20 : parish register 9 Jul 1713 'Andrew Hingston son of James and Ann, born'

21 : parish register 8 Nov 1748 'Andrew Hingston' The linking of this entry with the birth entry rests mainly on his absence from his father's will, and lack of any information elsewhere including Allen & Dymond.

22 : Kingsbridge Quarterly meeting register (there is no surname for Alice but her marriage to Samuel can be confirmed from her father's will, and is repeated in A&D).

23 : parish register 2 Jul 1714 'Alice Hingston daughter of James and Anne, born' The day and christian names are illegible on fiche but compatible with other transcriptions.

24 : death from A & D

25 : Hennery in the Holbeton birth register.

26 : A & D

27 : Parish register

28 :Described in the Quarterly meeting register as being of Holbeton and aged 71.

29 : Quarterly meeting register

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31 : Parish records 3 May 1720 'Elizabeth Hingston daughter of James and Anne, born'

32 : In his father-in-law's will

33 : Parish register 2 Apr 1722 'Mary Hingston daughter of James and Anne, bapt'

34 : parish register 1 May 1722 ' Mary Hingston child of James Hingston'

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