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Joseph Veale = Elizabeth Hingston

Married 17441

Joseph Veale:

Occupation: Maltster of St Austell2

Elizabeth Hingston:

Alias Elizabeth Veale (1744)

Born 3 May 1720, Holbeton3

Baptised 6 May 1720, Holbeton


James Veale

Born 1746 Mentioned in his grandfather's will 1754

John Veale

Born about 17474

Ann Veale

Born 1748

Mary Veale

Born 1750

m Roger Treffrey and had large family - see A & D

Joseph Veale

Born 1751

Henry Veale

Born 1754

Richard Veale

Died 1824

Samuel Veale

Died 1818

William Veale

m H Green and M Tuckett - A & D

John Veale

Born 1760

m Susanna Edey - A & D


The dates of the children are taken from Allen & Dymond. Elizabeth's father's will mentions only James and John by name but does refer to other brothers and sisters.

1 : A & D

2 : In his father-in-law's will

3 : Parish records 3 May 1720 'Elizabeth Hingston daughter of James and Anne, born'

4 : Questionable. A & D have him b 1755, but place him second in the family order. There must have been a John born before then because he is entered in his grandfather's will.

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