There are two collections of material here:

bulletTreeby Hingston's collection of mostly original documents relating to Howard Hingston and his ancestors.

bulletTranscripts of other archive material.

This archive is designed for use in association with the Hingston One-Name Study site which has a great deal of information on the Hingston family. To find out more about the people referred to in these documents see the Ancestors of Howard Andrew Hingston pages.

The order is chronological within each section.

The Treeby Hingston Family History Collection

Most of these items were passed to Treeby Watson Hingston by his father Howard Andrew Hingston in the 1940's, and probably initiated his interest in family history. Some must have been mementos preserved by Howard's great-aunts Ann and Sarah, or were legal documents which will have belonged to his father. Others belonged to his mother. Of greatest interest are the wills, as the Devon registry copies were destroyed in an air raid on Exeter in 1942.

Highlighted items can be accessed on-line. Enquiries about other items, or requests for on-line items in a different format, better photographs, etc, should be made to Andrew Hingston at email address andrew at amhinja dot demon dot co dot uk

16 Oct 1754 Will of James Hingston of Holbeton [died 1756] or download a Word 6 version [52k] (recommended)

22 June 1780 Lease on parchment between John Spurrole of Stoke Damorole (sic) and William Hingston the younger of Holbeton

15 July 1787 Land sale transaction (on parchment) between John Square of Buckland, John Adams of South Devon, James Adams of __ Marlborough Devon and Nicholas Shepherd of Thurlestone re sale of Ashford Mill and other properties.

29 June 1790 Will of James Lesten of Dock, Plymouth Devon. Probate copy on parchment made 28 Feb 1799

24 May 1802 Will of Andrew Hingston. Extracted from the Registry of the Archdeacon's Court of Totnes by Walter Prideaux Procurator General 9 Oct 1802

JPEG image of part of the will (538k)

December 1808 Two drawings, head and shoulder portraits full face of a young man and young woman dated Dec. 1808, said to be of members of the Hingston family.

Though these drawings are unnamed, Howard referred to them as being Hingston family portraits and they probably came to him through his father from great-aunts Ann and Sarah whose property Henry inherited. It is almost certain that they are of Andrew Hingston and Sarah Hingston (née Robins).

JPEG image of Andrew Hingston (20k)

JPEG image of Sarah Hingston (26k)

24 Jan 1810 and 5 Mar 1810  Papers relating to arbitration of a watercourse dispute between Mr Parsons and Mr Steere at  Ashford, Aveton Gifford. The arbitrator was a surveyor, Richard Andrews of Modbury, Devon.

A reminder that arbitration is not a recent idea, though the process necessary to bind the parties to it was much more cumbersome than today. Of no direct relevance to the Hingston family, very much one for the connoisseur.

6 Aug 1818 Lease for one year by Revd A D Eford and James Steere to William Hingston, gentleman, of Holbeton

1819 School bill for Ann Robins Hingston, labelled 'The Last of Ann's Schooling bills ending Christmas 1819'.

JPEG image (87k)

8 October 1824  Lease of Helliers Tenement in the Parish of Aveton Gifford for 7 years from Michaelmas 1824. Leased by Mr F Grills to Mr Andrew Hingston for rent of £25. Final page only of a draft document.

29 Dec 1826 Mortgage on parchment between Andrew Hingston of Brownston, Newton Ferrers, and John Veale Harris of Modbury  - Labelled 'Mr Hingston to Mr JV Harris Demise of premises at Ashford for a term of 3000 years'  [Loan of £500 to Andrew H against security of the Ashford property]

21 March 1827 & 3 March 1831 Legal bills from John Andrews to Andrew Hingston for legal services from 20 June 1825, totalling £60 10s 2d [Details of all legal transactions over the period]

3 March 1831 Will of Andrew Hingston of Ashford, with codicil (same date)

27 July 1833 Will of Andrew Hingston

For the final will, of 1834, see below

Jan 1842 Bill (July 1841 - Jan 1842) from Mr Luckraft to Mr Hingstone (sic) for ironmongery items and smithy work.

About 1850  Photograph inscribed 'John Stephenson of Birmingham died June 1851'.

JPEG image (18k)

21 July 1850 Letter from John Hingston of Maitland Farm, Longford, Tasmania to Sarah Hingston

21 Nov 1850 Birth certificate of Agnes Stephenson (informant Henry Stephenson, father)

About 1855 Note to 'my dear Sarah' about getting a lock fixed at Ashford. JPEG image (64k)

This unsigned, undated and incomplete scrap on reused paper must have been kept for its sentimental associations. As it was later passed to, and kept by, Sarah's nephew Henry it was almost certainly written by Andrew Hingston, Sarah's brother and Henry's father, who died in 1855. Evidently written in haste, the easy style and conventional spelling makes a striking contrast to the letter from her cousin John in Tasmania. No other memento of Andrew seems to have survived.

21 Feb 1863 Memorial card for Susanna Treeby (d Ermington)

Before Nov 1866 Photograph of Mary Ann Hingston (née Treeby)  JPEG image (17k)

3 Nov 1866 Memorial card Mary Ann Hingston (née Treeby)

2 Mar 1877 Letter from Mary Stephenson to 'Dot' her niece (Agnes Stephenson). Greetings 'on her wedding morning'.

2 Mar 1877 Letter from Maria E Stephenson in Brixton to Dot (Agnes) on her marriage

3 Mar 1877 Marriage certificate of Henry Hingston and Agnes Stephenson

21 Sept 1877 Birth certificate of Howard Hingston

1878 Lock of hair of Howard Hingston at 12 months

About 1879 Photograph inscribed 'Howard' on reverse  JPEG image (13k)

13 Oct 1881 Phoenix Fire Office contents insurance for Henry & Agnes Hingston - details successive moves to 1905

About 1886 List by Henry Hingston of the births of his children

21 Oct 1887 Memorial card Ann Robins Hingston

1889 - 1890 Four estate duty certificates relating to the inheritance of Henry Hingston from the estate of Ann Robins Hingston.

21 Mar 1895 Letter from Meacock to Henry Hingston about Howard being off work sick

13 Dec 1898 Memorial card Mary Stephenson (mother of Agnes)

About 1900(?) Drawing of a man. Note on back says 'I don't know who this is'.

19 Jan 1902 Letter from Henry Hingston (in New Zealand) to Howard Hingston.

Refers to Henry's plan to return home, and says that it is his birthday

29 Jan 1902 Letter from Henry to Howard about getting a voyage home

30 May 1902 Letter from Agnes Hingston to Howard Hingston.

7 July 1902 Letter of Henry Hingston to Howard Hingston from Lewhill, Aveton Gifford concerning his trip on business to Devon and planned visit to George Coleman in Ermington

18 Aug 1902 Letter from Agnes Hingston to Howard Hingston about her concerns over Henry's plans to buy a tobacconist's shop for one of their daughters

12 Dec 1903 Postcard (of rickshaw) from Henry Hingston  in Cape Town to Howard Hingston 'on shore for a short run'

1 Jan 1904 Postcard (of harbour) from Henry Hingston in Hobart to Howard Hingston 'here for a few hours'

12 Jan 1904 Postcard (Brown's River Road, Tas.) from Christchurch NZ. Henry Hingston to Howard Hingston referring to Henry's arrival in NZ.

10 Dec 1904 Memorial card Agnes Hingston

25 Dec 1905 Postcard (of Ermington PO, with ? George Coleman standing outside) from George Coleman to Henry Hingston in Christchurch NZ  JPEG image (21k) Detail (26k)

1906 Documents concerning search for insurance policy of Agnes Hingston after her death [of little interest]

About 1906 (?)  Letter from Mary E Stephenson (cousin) to Howard Hingston enclosing photo of his great-grandfather John Stephenson [see earlier]

1 Oct 1908 Memorial card Mary Beatrice Taylor

About 1910 Photo of Henry Hingston (photo made Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire)

JPEG image (15k)

About 1910 Photo of Howard Hingston

JPEG image (15k)

11 Oct 1911 Marriage certificate of Howard Hingston and Annie May Watson

11 Oct 1911 Wedding card from Howard Hingston and Annie Watson

25 June 1913 [Photocopy] of hand drawn card from Howard Hingston recording a trip with Annie and pram to Wanley

26 Dec 1921 Memorial card George Henry Stephenson (age 87)

8 Mar 1938  Memorial card Alfred Stephenson

23 April 1942 Typed extract from an article in 'The Examiner' [Tasmania] about the Hingston family in Tas. (transcript)

1945 Photo of Howard Hingston JPEG image (22k)

1946 Tasmanian descendants of James Hingston. A family tree drawn up by TWH in 1946 based on information from three correspondents in Tasmania, together with the 1850 letter and 1942 article. Now superseded by later work (see line HD on the Hingston ONS site) but of interest because of his informants' knowledge of their immediate family. The file is in zipped gedcom 5.5 format.

March 1946 Treeby's diary of a visit made by him and his brother to Devon researching family history.

Other source material on this site

Much of this information is to be found in the Devon Record Office or the Westcountry Studies Centre in Exeter. Not all of it bears directly on the ancestral line, but is included because of its possible interest to family historians.

1755 Petition to Devon Quarter Sessions concerning a serious fire at Holbeton in September 1754.

A reminder of how little we know of the Holbeton Hingstons. The James Hingston who is listed amongst the petitioners for charity because of the loss of his home and contents seems hardly likely to be the same one who made a will only a month after the fire bequeathing his house and considerable property. But if not who was he?

1812-57 Hingston Devon Wills held in the Inland Revenue Estate Duty Office (extracts from microfiche copies held at Devon RO). A chronological list with names.

1825 Will of William Hingston of Holbeton. Not in the Devon RO series (above), but there is a copy of the Estate Duty Office ledger at the FRC in London.

1834 Will of Andrew Hingston of Ashford, Aveton Gifford (d 1855). Transcribed from the Estate Duty Office copy, this is the final will and was not known to TWH.

1851 Hingston Pedigree of Allen and Dymond. A very important source for family historians.

1851 Census - Devon. A list of Hingstons is on the Hingston ONS site.

1881 Census - Britain. There is an on-line search facility on the Family Search site run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Users should beware that as with the 1851 census, there are a number of known transcription errors, particularly a confusion between Hingston and Kingston surnames.

Graves at Holbeton, Aveton Gifford and Bigbury Transcriptions of graves of Hingstons in the parish churchyards.

Coleman graves in Ermington churchyard, Devon

1939 - 1946 Papers relating to the war experiences of James (Jim) Hingston in the Royal Navy

11 July 1944 Grave of Gerald Hingston, Durham Light Infantry, killed in Normandy. No known relation; foster son of Mrs Harding of Truro, Cornwall

JPEG image of gravestone (47k)

JPEG view of cemetery (67k)

2001 Ashford, Aveton Gifford. Information about the farm near Ashford owned by the Hingston family in the 19th century.