The Hingston Pedigree of Allen and Dymond (1851)

The Hingston pedigree chart originally prepared by John Allen of Liskeard and revised by Robert Dymond jun, which actually includes information up to about 1855, was published in 1864. It attempts to trace the lines of descent from Andrew Hingston d 1643 of Scotscombe (now Scobbiscombe), Holbeton, Devon and his wife Grace (d 1675), with tentative links back two further generations. Many of their descendants were Quakers; most lived in south Devon and Cornwall. Both male and female lines of descent were shown. For a modern discussion of the family, and the relevance of the research of Allen and Dymond, see the Hingston One-Name Study, in particular line HD. See the index below for the many other names represented.

The chart is too large (approximately 840 mm x 500 mm) to reproduce directly, but the information it contains can be accessed in three ways:

bullet as a descendency report on the Hingston One-Name Study site

bullet indexed by surname

bullet as a GEDCOM 5.5 compatible file with accompanying text (.rtf) in zipped format (19k)

There is also a date index but most entries in the chart have no date information.

The chart used here was included in C H Fox's A Short Genealogical Account of Some of the Various Families of Fox in the West of England, printed in 1864 and now in the collection of the Westcountry Studies Library in Exeter. It was researched and copied by Dr Alison Simkins in 1998 and digitised by Andrew Hingston. The title and additional information from the chart are reproduced here. Although the introduction refers to those 'registered at Holbeton' indicating that the Holbeton parish registers had been consulted, and to the Quarterly Meeting Registers (of the Society of Friends), the scarcity of dates after the mid-eighteenth century shows that it relied mainly on the testimony of family members.

There are a number of what appear to be printer's errors, and the information does not purport to be comprehensive. It remains a very valuable source of information for family historians which must be supplemented by other documentary sources including registers, census data, wills, etc mostly unavailable to Allen and Dymond.

You are free to use the information in your own research, but treat it as any other source. If you make any additions or changes please do not pass it to others without making clear what you have done.

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