Hingston Devon Wills 1812-57 held in the Inland Revenue Estate Duty office (from the Devon RO microfiche copies)

Andrew Hingston of Aveton Gifford d Feb 1855. see copy

Daniel Hingston of Kingsbridge d 18 Oct 1824 bequests to wife Mary, son Daniel, daughter Mary, grandson William Hingston.

Edward Wellington Hingston of Plymouth d 13 Dec 1856 Blockmaker. Executrixes Sarah Jane White Hingston and Mary Follett Hingston of Plymouth, spinsters. Bequests to James Mould Hingston of Richmond Walk Devonport, blockmaker (brother); Sarah Jane White and Mary Follett Hingston his sisters.

Edward Hingston of Plymouth d 9 Oct 1856 Pump and Blockmaker. Executrixes Sarah JW Hingston and Mary F Hingston as above. Bequests to 3 children of James Mould Hingston his son, residue to 3 daughters Charlotte wife of Thomas Richards master mariner, Sarah and Mary as above.

Elizabeth Hingston of Newton Abbott d 25 Apr 1833 Spinster. Bequests to father Henry Hingston and sister Susannah Baskerville.

John Hingston of Diptford d 6 Dec 1819 Yeoman. Executrix Mary Hingston. Bequests to daughter Jane Hingston and rest to wife Mary.

John Hingston of Halwell d 23 Dec 1846 Blacksmith. Executrix Elizabeth Hingston his widow. Bequests to Elizabeth and son George.

John Hingston of South Brent d 9 Jul 1854 Gent. Executrix Peter Owen Hingston of Kingsbridge merchant. Bequests to nephews Peter Owen Hingston and Henry Hingston, butcher of South Brent, and to Henry's sons William, Arthur, Charles and John. Also to John Hewett Hingston, son of nephew Arthur Hingston of Kingsbridge.

Richard Hingston of Halwell d 15 Feb 1829 Gent. Bequests to wife Ann, daughters Jane wife of Henry Mudge of Diptford yeoman, and Ann wife of Anthony Goodridge, grandson Richard Follett Mudge, and other brothers and sisters. [A long will and not a good copy, but would repay study by anyone interested in it]

Richard Langworthy Hingston of Dartmouth d 8 May 1835 Merchant. Executor Richard Langworthy Hingston of Dartmouth, merchant. Bequests to wife Elizabeth, sons Richard Langworthy Hingston, George Hingston, and daughter Helen wife of Thomas Pratt.

Richard Hingston of Blackawton d 12 Jul 1849 Carpenter. Bequests to wife Mary, daughters Mary Ann, Sarah, Susan, granddaughter Mary Hingston Langworthy, sons John and Richard.

William Hingston of Salcombe, Malborough, d 8 Jul 1852, Master Mariner. Bequest to wife Julia.

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