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Samuel Hopwood = Alice Hingston

Married 17351

Samuel Hopwood:

Died 17792

Occupation: shopkeeper of St Austell [JH's will]

Samuel is described as 'the younger' in his father-in-law's will.

Alice Hingston:

Alias Alice Hopwood (1735)

Born 2 July 1714, Holbeton3

Baptised 31 July 1714, Holbeton


Ann Hopwood

Born 17374

Died 1737

Alice Hopwood

Born 17385

Died 17676

A & D report her to have married Samuel Bowden and to have had 2 daughters, Ann (m Solomon Browne) and Alice

Alexander Hopwood

Born 17397

A & D list him as m Betty Mullet and having 3 children James (1768), Anne (1769) and John (1769)

Ann Hopwood

Born 17418

A & D have her marrying S Dunsford and having children Elizabeth, Ann (m Samuel Treffrey), Robert (d infancy), Robert (m S Mullet), Alice (m T Towell)

Samuel Hopwood

Born 17479

A & D say that he m Jane Allen and had children Jane (m Stanbridge), Alice (m Elford Spark Eveleigh), Josepha (m N T Eveleigh), Ann and Elizabeth

James Hopwood

Born 175610

Died 175911


Sources A & D and Alice's father's will.

1 : Kingsbridge Quarterly meeting register (there is no surname for Alice but her marriage to Samuel can be confirmed from her father's will, and is repeated in A&D).

2 : Death from A & D

3 : Parish register 2 Jul 1714 'Alice Hingston daughter of James and Anne, born' The day and christian names are illegible on fiche but compatible with other transcriptions.

4 : A & D

5 : A & D state her to have been 29 at her death

6 : A & D

7 : A & D

8 : A & D

9 : A & D

10 : A & D say that he died aged 3

11 : A & D

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