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James Hingston = Elizabeth Brooking

Married September 17301

James Hingston:

Died 23 October 1756, Holbeton

Buried 27 October 1756, Quaker burial ground Kingsbridge2

Occupation: Mercer and Lord of the manor of Holbeton3

James may have been the son of the James sennex (senior) who was buried at Holbeton 20 Jan 1713. Allen & Dymond show him as the son of James b 1652, but the evidence for this is unknown and no mother or siblings are shown. No record of his birth has been traced. For more about James and his background, see this page.

Elizabeth Brooking:

Alias Elizabeth Hingston (1730)

Born 23 March 1703, Kingsbridge, Devon4

Died 19 December 1746

Buried 23 December 1746, Kingsbridge

For information about James' first marriage, to Ann Rowe, and their children see this page.


Mary Hingston

Died February 17375

John Hingston = Rachel Collier > Family

Married 9 December 1763, Plymouth

John Hingston:

Born 17376

Rachel Collier:

Alias Rachel Hingston (9 December 1763)

Sarah Hingston

Born 9 February 17397

A & D record her as marrying William Hele

Josiah Hingston8

Born 25 April 17429

Died about 174210


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3 : "will"; Described as mercer and bequeathed lordship of the manor in his will

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6 : In Kingsbridge Quarterly meeting register, but dates of both Jan and March have been quoted.

7 : Quaker Quarterly register; date taken from A&D, and IGI has b1740 so this could be an OS date.

8 : Alternative reading of the name is Isaiah (TWH)

9 : Quarterly meeting register, date from A & D

10 : TWH gives the date as 1742, A & D as about 1746 - evidence is in Quarterly Meeting Registers

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