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Andrew Hingston = Honour Balsom1

Married 20 June 1772, Newton Ferrers

Andrew Hingston:

Born 29 October 1744, Holbeton2

Baptised 20 November 1744

Holbeton Died 25 May 1802, Holbeton3

Buried 25 May 1802, Holbeton4

In his will of 24 May 1802 Andrew is said to live at Adston in the Holbeton parish. He bequeathed £100 to each of his children, except for Andrew who was residuary legatee.

Honour Balsom:

Alias Honour Hingston (20 June 1772)

Born ABT 17515

Died 10 October 1834, Holbeton6

In Andrew's will she received Skinner estate at Bridgend, Holbeton, together with 2 cows, best bed and bedstead, one thing of a sort of household goods and furniture, and £10. Financial responsibilty for her children passed to her eldest son together with the residue of the estate including Andrew's house, and guardianship of the minor children to her brother-in-law William.

We cannot now know the circumstances behind this slightly surprising testamentary disposition. Even if she was estranged from her husband it would be unusual to leave property to her absolutely, rather than as a life interest, because if she married again it would be likely to deprive their children of their right to inherit in turn.


Sarah Hingston7= John Abbott > Family

Married 24 November 1818, Newton Ferrers

Sarah Hingston:

Alias Sarah Abbott (24 November 1818)

Baptised 30 April 1773, Holbeton8

John Abbott:

Occupation: Wool merchant of Buckfastleigh

Andrew Hingston = Sarah Robins9> Family

Andrew Hingston:

Baptised 21 September 1776, Holbeton10

Died 22 February 1855, Aveton Gifford11

Occupation: Landed proprietor12

Andrew inherited substantially from his father, but the course of his life remains unclear. At his father's death he inherited his house at Adston, Holbeton, and any land apart from a bequest to his mother. With it came financial responsibility for his siblings. His own children were all registered at Holbeton. But at some stage, possibly 1818 or earlier, he seems to have moved to Newton Ferrers, and thence to a farm at Ashford, Aveton Gifford. Under his uncle William's will he was residuary legatee but after allowance for the other bequests and annuities there seems to have been nothing left for him. He sold land at Holbeton in 1830 valued at nearly £3000 (source, lawyer's accounts), some of which probably came from his uncle, and it is clear from a 1831 will that he owned the farm at Ashford and other land at Bigbury in addition to a large amount of money. But he seems to have lent substantially to a Mr Robins, presumably a brother-in-law, who went bankrupt. A will made in 1832 suggests that much of the money may have gone in buying a half share in a pilchard fishery. The final will, made only two years later, made no mention of that nor did it dispose of any large sum of money or other possessions; broadly the split was between the Bigbury farm for his son and the Ashford farm for his (unmarried) daughters. This remained in the family's possession, indeed the Ashford farm was eventually sold by his grandson Henry in 1891, but on Andrew's death in 1855 the estate was valued for tax purposes at less than £100 before payment of debts.

It is quite probable that Andrew was not successful in his financial affairs, and certainly his possessions seem modest in the light of his two inheritances, but it is dangerous to suppose that he died almost broke. One obvious explanation, given the existance of estate duty, is that it might have been possible to avoid it by gifting the property during his lifetime; if so that would explain why the Ashford farm remained in the ownership of his daughters without their needing to declare its value at his death.

Sarah Robins:

Alias Sarah Hingston

Born 1774, Diptford13

Died 2 October 1851, Ashford, Aveton Gifford14

Lydia Hingston = Richard Hellier > Family

Married 1 April 1803, Holbeton

Lydia Hingston:

Alias Lydia Hellier (1 April 1803)

Born about 1778

Died 1856

She is the first daughter listed in her father's will and the only child to be offered an immediate cash bequest, perhaps because she was planning to marry.

Richard Hellier:

Baptised 25 July 1777, Loddiswell

Died ?1853, Revelstoke Devon

William Hingston = Mary Pickham > Family

William Hingston:

Baptised 15 May 1778, Holbeton15

Occupation: Saddle and harness business, landed proprietor16

Still living at 18 Park St Plymouth in 1864 (Directory)

Mary Pickham:

Alias Hingston

= Jenny Charlotte Bond > Family

Jenny Charlotte Bond:

Alias Jenny Charlotte Hingston

Born ABT 1770, Saltash Cornwall17

Died AFT February 1851

Henry Hingston = Elizabeth Stappers > Family

Married 16 November 1816, Stoke Damerel18

Henry Hingston:

Baptised 2 April 1780, Holbeton19

Occupation: Quarterman in Dockyard

Elizabeth Stappers:

Alias Hingston

Agnes Lister Hingston20 = Joseph Thomas > Family

Married 5 November 1818, Maker, Devon (now Cornwall)

Agnes Lister Hingston:

Alias Agnes Lister Thomas

Baptised 13 June 1784, Holbeton21

Joseph Thomas:

Occupation: Husbandman, also involved with mining industry22

Mary Ann Hingston = Henry Popham > Family

Married 180223

Mary Ann Hingston:

Alias Mary Ann Popham (1802)

Baptised 24 September 1786, Holbeton24

Henry Popham:

Occupation: Tutor in RN25

James Hingston = Elizabeth Thomas > Family

Married 15 October 1818, Holbeton

James Hingston:

Born 1789

Baptised 27 June 1789, Holbeton26

Died 18 July 1849, Maitland Farm, nr Longford, Tasmania27

Occupation: Farmer

Elizabeth Thomas:

Alias Elizabeth Hingston (15 October 1818)

Died BEF 184128

John Balsom Hingston = Ann Winnicott > Family

Married 2 April 1833, Plymouth Charles

John Balsom Hingston:

Born 29 July 1793, Holbeton

Baptised 11 September 1793, Holbeton

Died 1860, Plymouth29

Occupation: Saddle and harness business, then landed proprietor30

Was living in Yealmpton at time of his marriage

Ann Winnicott:

Alias Ann Hingston (2 April 1833)

Born ABT 1805, Dublin31

Died after 1881

AH Crispin said that she was a noted beauty of wealth and refinement. Owned and lived in a fine mansion known as Ladywell Place, Plymouth. Very generous. Very much attached to grandniece Jessie Dower who was her companion when attending lectures concerts pol meetings & charitable orgs & occas to St Andrew's Episc Ch Plym. At her death gave nieces £200 each, remainder to ed, soc, & ch. Est to her doctor Alfred Hingston (no rel).

No children

At the 1851 census they were living together at 8 Ladywell Place, Plymouth. Ann was still there at the 1881 census, living alone with a single servant, transcribed as Will Dover, a widower aged 70 (b Scotland) and described as a gardener. This is presumably William Dower, who had been married to her niece Jessie(d 1879 in Plymouth). He was born 1810 in Banchory, Scotland and was a landscaper and surveyor. By 1892 he was living with a daughter in Weymouth.


1 : Balsom in DFHS marriage index, Baltom in A & D; but Balsom was used in naming her son John.

Official records, backed by A & D, call her Honor or Honour. But writing in the 1920's a great grandson (AH Crispin) called her Mary. He may have misremembered but she did not use Honor for any of her children.

2 : Parish records 29 Oct 1744 'Andrew Hingston son of William born'. Gravestone says he was in the 57 year of his Age.

3 : Gravestone south of Holbeton church inscribed with date of death as 25 May 1802.

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5 : Holbeton gravestone gives her age as 83

6 : Gravestone, with her husband

7 : Her father's will refers to her as Sally, a common pet form for Sarah

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9 : Surname is given in A & D and can be deduced from the second forenames of her daughters. We know from legal bills of her husband's that he lent a large sum of money to a Mr Robins who went bankrupt. This may have been her brother.

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31 : 1851 census has age as 45 and Dublin birthplace

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