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James Hingston = Elizabeth Thomas

Married 15 October 1818, Holbeton

James Hingston:

Born abt 1789

Baptised 27 June 1789, Holbeton1

Died 18 July 1849, Maitland Farm, nr Longford, Tasmania2

Occupation: Farmer

Elizabeth Thomas:

Alias Elizabeth Hingston (15 October 1818)

Died BEF 18413


Andrew Thomas Hingston

Baptised 8 February 1820, Newton Ferrers4

Died BEF 18715

Andrew did not go to Australia. He m Elizabeth and in 1851 was in Liskeard with 4 children.

Henry Thomas Hingston

Baptised 17 January 1821, Newton Ferrers6

Died 1904, Tasmania

Occupation: Farmer

Information from grandson, Stanley, 1945

William Thomas Hingston

Baptised 5 June 1822, Newton Ferrers7

Died 3 November 1881, Ulverstone Tas.

Occupation: Farmer

m Rebecca French 1847 and had a large family. Settled eventually at Gawler, NW coast Tas. (1942 article)

Elizabeth Jane Thomas Hingston

Baptised 12 May 1826, Newton Ferrers8

m Frederick Look Frampton 12 Jun 1850 and had at least 6 children. Settled Ulverstone Tas.

John Balsom Thomas Hingston

Baptised 28 December 1827, Newton Ferrers9

Died 1 June 1898, Beaconsfield Tas.

He m Mary Ann Walters 8 Apr 1852 and had a large family. They settled eventually at Sidmouth, West Tamar, Tasmania. A letter from John to his cousin in Devon is on this site.

Robert Hingston

Born ABT 1830

Died 10 September 1897, Westbury Tas.

Occupation: Farmer

m Elizabeth Dalton Walters 18 May 1859 and had a large family.

James Hingston

Occupation: Farmer

Settled Exton Tasmania


After Elizabeth's death, James and his children emigrated in 1841 to Victoria, apart from Andrew who remained at home, and in 1842 to Tasmania (Van Diemen's Land). For more information see the page on the Tasmanian Hingstons at the Hingston One-Name Study site, and the genealogies in line HD. See also the 1850 letter from John and the 1942 newspaper article.


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