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Richard Hellier = Lydia Hingston

Married 1 April 1803, Holbeton

Richard Hellier:

Baptised 25 July 1777, Loddiswell

Died 1853, Revelstoke Devon

Lydia Hingston:

Alias Lydia Hellier (1 April 1803)

Born ABT 1778

Died 1856

She is the first daughter listed in her father's will and the only child to be offered an immediate cash bequest, perhaps because she was planning to marry.


Mary Ann Hellier

Baptised 1804, South Brent

Edward Hellier

Baptised 6 January 1804, South Brent

Honor Hellier

Baptised 6 October 1806, South Brent

Buried 29 October 1808

Sarah Hingston Hellier

Baptised 5 January 1808, South Brent

Andrew Hellier

Baptised 21 December 1808, South Brent

Elizabeth Hellier

Baptised 8 February 1811, South Brent

Agnes Hellier

Born ABT 1814, South Brent1

Susan Hellier

Baptised 10 March 1816, South Brent


Said by A H Crispin to have lived at Totnes.


1 : 1851 census

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