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Andrew Hingston = Mary Ann Treeby

Married 13 May 1833, East Stonehouse

Andrew Hingston:

Born 24 September 1809, Holbeton1

Baptised 4 November 1809, Holbeton2

Died 17 April 1855, Bigbury3

Buried Aveton Gifford

Occupation: Farmer Appears in 1851 census as farming at Bailey's, Bigbury, near Aveton Gifford, which was to go to him under his father's will.

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Mary in widow's weeds

Mary Ann Treeby:

Alias Mary Ann Hingston (13 May 1833)

Baptised 19 July 1809, Aveton Gifford

Died 3 November 1866, Ermington4


Andrew Hingston

Baptised 17 January 1834, Aveton Gifford

Died 31 March 1852, Aveton Gifford5

Honour Hingston = Richard Coleman > Family

Honour Hingston:

Alias Honour Coleman

Born 1835 Baptised 13 November 1835, Aveton Gifford

Died 11 May 1888, Ermington6

Occupation: Grocer's assistant (1881)

In the 1881 census, then widowed, she was living with her sister Mary and family and evidently helping in the shop in Ermington (described as grocer's assistant).

Richard Coleman:

Born 18437

Died 27 December 1879, Ermington8

A H Crispin said he was relieving officer for Totnes district

Mary Hingston = George Coleman > Family

Mary Hingston:

Born 1 February 1838, Aveton Gifford9

Baptised 23 February 1838, Aveton Gifford

Died 23 April 1901, Ermington10

George Coleman:

Born 1846, Ermington11

Died 6 February 192112

Occupation: Shopkeeper & sub-postmaster13

A H Crispin called Mary's husband Jack, and said he was brother of Dick; he describes him as organist & choir leader of Ermington Church & musician of note.

Henry Hingston = Agnes Stephenson > Family

Married 3 March 1877, Edgbaston Cong. Chapel14

Henry Hingston:

Born 19 January 1840, Bigbury15

Baptised 14 February 1840

Died 1924, Cheltenham

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Henry in about 1910

Henry left Devon as a young man and is reputed to have gone to Tasmania. It was said by his grandson TWH that he returned to Devon to try his hand at farming, went broke as an ironmonger in the Seven Dials area of London, and was working as a clerk at Nettlefolds engineering firm in Birmingham at the time of his marriage.

Later, probably in the 1890's, he went abroad again, certainly to New Zealand and possibly elsewhere, repeatedly returning home to see his family, before returning to die in 1924. A H Crispin, who himself emigrated to the USA, believed that he had settled in California so he may also have gone there. He was always hoping to 'make his fortune'; TWH believed that he had squandered one in his youth, and the proceeds from the sale of the Ashford farm in 1891 also disappeared, presumably spent on these expeditions.

We should note that TWH could not get the full story, and Henry's inheritance may not have been very great. It is always accepted that the loss of his elder brother, grandfather and father within a short period in his early teens must have been traumatic, and it would have been very difficult for him to run the farms in Devon.

Agnes Stephenson:

Alias Agnes Hingston (3 March 1877)

Born 21 November 1850, Birmingham16

Died 10 December 1904, Harborne17

Buried Harborne Parish Church

Sarah Hingston = Nicholas Coleman Family

Sarah Hingston:

Alias Sarah Coleman

Baptised 24 April 1842, Aveton Gifford18

Nicholas Coleman:

Born 1839, Ermington Devon19

Occupation: Commercial Traveller in Gas Fittings hardware. The CD index of the 1881 census has the description as commercial traveller in gas fittings hardware under his wife Sarah, but this is presumably a transcription error.


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