Surnames beginning with C

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.

Coleman, Annie S H; 1866-; Kentish Town

Coleman, Edith H; 1880-; Highgate

Coleman, George; 1846-1921; Ermington

Coleman, George H; 1882-; Ermington

Coleman, Henry J H; 1868-; Kentish Town

Coleman, Honour (Hingston, Honour); 1835-1888; Aveton Gifford

Coleman, Mary E; 1877-; Kentish Town

Coleman, Nicholas; 1839-; Ermington Devon

Coleman, Richard; 1816-; Ermington

Coleman, Richard; 1843-1879; Ermington

Coleman, Sarah (Hingston, Sarah); 1842-; Aveton Gifford

Coleman, William N; 1871-; Kentish Town

Collier, Rachel

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