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Curwen Wason = Margaret Hunter

Curwen Watson:

Born 1846, St Bees, Cumberland1

Died 27 July 19122

Buried Ulverston3

Occupation: Superintendent Furness Railway

Margaret Hartley Hunter:

Alias Margaret Watson

Born 24 July 1845, Aldingham, Lancs

Died 8 June 19354 Buried Ulverston

She is generally described as being in poor health and her daughters were given to understand that they had a duty to remain at home to care for her.


Mary Isabel Watson5

Born about 1875, Ulverston, Lancs6

Occupation: School teacher (elementary) - 1901 census

George William Watson

Born 1876, Ulverston, Lancs7

Died 11 September 19008 Buried Ulverston

Charles Hunter Watson

Born December 18779

Died 22 January 187910 Buried Ulverston

Edith H Watson

Born about 1879, Ulverston, Lancs11

No occupation is given in the 1901 census, and she may have been regarded as her mother's housekeeper & principal carer.

Ann(ie) May Watson12 = Howard Andrew Hingston > Family

Married 11 October 1911, Barrow-in-Furness13

Ann(ie) May Watson:

Alias Ann(ie) May Hingston (11 October 1911)

Born 19 December 1883, Ulverston

Died 27 December 1961, Stockport, Manchester

Occupation: nurse

Annie (as she was consistently known throughout her life) was working as a dressmaker at the time of the 1901 census, but was determined to escape the shackles of home life and insisted on training to become a nurse allegedly for that reason. She is said to have shown equal insistance in marrying, but she made a success of both and ended her working life running a nursing home at Grange-over-Sands.

Howard Andrew Hingston:

Born 21 September 1877, Smethwick14

Baptised 1 March 1886, St John's East Harborne15

Died 29 May 1946, Grange-over-Sands

Occupation: Engineering Draughtsman

Howard began work at Tangye's as an office boy at a tender age, and described in the 1901census as a mechanical engineer, in which year he moved to Vickers shipyard at Barrow-in-Furness as an engineering draughtsman. He remained there until he retired in 1943.

Jessie M Watson

Born about 1884, Ulverston16

Henry (Harry) Andrew Watson

Born about 1886, Ulverston17

Died 1 March 192318 Buried Ulverston

Listed as a son in the 1901 census and buried with his parents.

Violet Watson

Born about 1892, Ulverston19

Died 9 March 193220

Buried Ulverston

Listed as daughter in the 1901 census and included on Curwen and Margaret's gravestone.


By the time of the 1881 census Curwen was station-master at Ulverston Station and the family lived on the premises. Rank had its priviledges; Annie used to tell her children of being taken to the seaside for the day in a private railway coach which was parked in a siding until the time came to bring them home. At the 1901 census he had risen to Assistant Railway Superintendent, and the family had moved to 2 Brighton Street, Barrow-in-Furness.


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