Surnames beginning with P

Parker, Louisa

Paul, M A

Pearse, Elizabeth

Pease, Joseph

Pease, Mary (Fox, Mary)

Penn, Martha

Peters, Elizabeth

Pickham, Mary

Pitts, William

Popham, Henry

Popham, Mary Ann (Hingston, Mary Ann)

Popham, Mary Ann

Popham, William

Price, Anna (Tregelles, Anna)

Price, Anna Tregelles

Price, Charles

Price, Christiana Habberly

Price, Deborah

Price, Edwin

Price, Edwin

Price, Henry Habberley

Price, Henry Habberly

Price, J H (Struve, J H)

Price, Joseph Tregelles; -1855

Price, Junia

Price, Leonora

Price, Lydia

Price, Marie Louisa

Price, Peter

Price, Sophia

Prideaux, Ada Holland

Prideaux, Agnes

Prideaux, Agnes Maxwell (Morris, Agnes Maxwell)

Prideaux, Alfred; 1811-

Prideaux, Amy Henrietta

Prideaux, Ann (Vivian, Ann)

Prideaux, Augusta; 1815-

Prideaux, Charles; 1809-

Prideaux, Clara Allen

Prideaux, Dorah

Prideaux, Edith Kara

Prideaux, Edward

Prideaux, Elizabeth (Williams, Elizabeth)

Prideaux, Elizabeth (Abbott, Elizabeth)

Prideaux, Elizabeth Ellen

Prideaux, Emily Ball; 26 4 1820 (sic)-

Prideaux, Frances Ash (Ball, Frances Ash)

Prideaux, Frederic; 1817-

Prideaux, Henry; 1810-

Prideaux, Joseph Hingston; 1823-

Prideaux, Julia Anne

Prideaux, Kathleen

Prideaux, Lucy; 1820-

Prideaux, Rachel C

Prideaux, Sarah Anna; 1807-

Prideaux, Sarah Ball

Prideaux, Sarah Ball (Hingston, Sarah Ball); 1786-; Kingsbridge

Prideaux, Sarah T

Prideaux, Susanna Rachael; 1813-

Prideaux, Vivian

Prideaux, Walter; -1832

Prideaux, Walter; 1806-

Prideaux, Walter Alfred

Prideaux, Walter Sherborne

Pridham, Arthur Edward

Pridham, Caroline

Pridham, Charles

Pridham, Charles

Pridham, Ernest

Pridham, James Frederic

Pridham, Sarah Maria

Pridham, Susan Augusta

Pridham, Susanna Rachael (Prideaux, Susanna Rachael); 1813-

Pridham, Theodore

Pridham, Walter Prideaux

Purchase, Sarah; -1722

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.

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