Property mentioned in James Hingston's will


The messuage & tenement in which he lives

Tenements of Langsdown, Wandowns, and Shute (otherwise Frogmore)

Field called Bowling Green

Holman Tenement

Hombers (or Humbers) divided into two closes (fields)

Saffron Park (a field or close)

Effords tenement

Lordship of the manor

Shute (Shute Prior)

Messuage & tenement called Collard

Moveable property


Plate including a silver tankard, pewter marked H F E, brass crocks; tea furniture

Furniture including feather bed bedstead & hangings; rush bottom chairs, easy chair, elbow cane chair; looking glass; china tea table

Clothes of his late wife including a thick light coloured silk suit, a black pattisoy silk suit, a wedding suit & her gold buttons

Household goods of his late mother-in-law